Free Instagram Video Downloader


Now a days, Instagram is a big powerhouse for sharing moments, stories, and creativity through videos and images. So ‘Instagram Video Downloader’ is a very easy and good way to download videos, images, Reels or Stories from Instagram. You can share your videos and images with other people.

However, sometime some videos, Photos or Stories on Instagram, can’t be download. So for your ease There are some best Instagram Video Downloaders to download your interested content.

  • Insaver
  • Savefrom
  • Snapinsta
  • sssinstagram
  • IGram
  • Igdownloader
  • Indown

We will discuss all above mentioned Instagram Video Downloaders one by one but first we will come to know about Instagram App.


Instagram is actually an American photo and video sharing social networking service. This platform is owned by Meta Company. It allows their users to upload their events that can be edited with filters, that can be associated with a location via geographical tagging.

“ Instagram is an app for photo and video sharing on iPhone and Android”

What is Instagram video downloader?

“An Instagram video downloader is a tool which is designed especially for insta. users to save Instagram videos directly onto their devices”

This tool enables you to download videos from Instagram with very small effort. With the help of this tool, users can download their favorite Instagram videos any time. While using this video downloader it’s very important to respect copyright laws and usage rights.

You must ensure that you have a permission to download the content, especially for commercial contents. Instagram video downloader allows users to control their preferred content, creating an archive of moments to relish at leisure.

An Instagram video downloader not only save memorable content but it also grants permission to users to repurpose them creatively. By using this tool, you can transforms Instagram videos into versatile resources and they can be utilized across other mediums.

Having the free videos downloader gives you freedom from connectivity problems. It allows you to watch your desired videos. As all your desired videos are saved on your device so you can easily watch them whenever and wherever you want.

Download HD Instagram Videos

In this digital Age, Every person desires to get their HD Videos with high quality and good resultds. So, downloading a high-definition (HD) video from Instagram is a desire shared by many users because they want to enjoy high quality content.

However, Instagram doesn’t have a built-in download feature, By several methods you can acquire these videos hassle-free.

  • Using Online Video Downloader
  • Using Mobile Apps

After pasting URL in Link Bar, select HD quality and press Download Button.

Latest Version of Instagram video Downloader

For more features always use updated and reliable video downloader tools. Connecting with daily updates ensures you to know about any change or update in Instagram’s algorithms or security measures and it ensures a smooth downloading process of videos, Images, Story or Reels.

Those creators who create their own content, an Instagram video downloader can serve as an inspirational resource for them. Successful videos from various creators can provide them insights into trends, editing styles, and storytelling techniques.

Steps to Use Instagram Video Downloader

For easy download you have to simply follow the easy steps given below:
Step1: First of all locate the video on Instagram, then tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and copy video URL.

Step2: Next step is to choose a Reliable Downloader.

Step3: Paste the copied video Link into the bar on the downloader platform.

Step4: The last step is to download the Video, Click the download button and save Insta Videos on your device.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

IGTV was a standalone video application launched by Instagram for Android and iOS Users. It was made for longer videos as compare to Instagram feeds. IGTV stands for Instagram Tv. Now it has been merged with Instagram Feed Videos.

Features of IGTV:

There were some features of IGTV mentioned below;

  • First, It was built for how you actually use your phone, so played videos were full screen and vertical.
  • Unlike Instagram, videos were not limited to one minute. Further more. each video can be up to an hour.
  • Videos can be swiped up to discover more – switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.”
  • You could also like, comment and send your videos to your friends in Direct.
    Another amazing feature in IGTV was channels just like TV.
  • On 1st March 2022, Instagram’s parent company “Meta” decided to shutdown the IGTV, because they focus on Instagram Reels. IGTV was removed from Play Store in mid-March.

InSaver Instagram Video Downloader

What is InSaver?

“An Instagram video downloader which is called “Insaver.” is an application which is designed to facilitate the downloading of videos from Instagram onto the user’s device.”

How to Use InSAVER?

You can easily use Insaver by following these steps given below;

Step1: Installing the App

  • Search for “Insaver” on your app store and download it to your device.

Step2: Copy the Video URL

Open the Instagram app, Find the video you are interested to download, tap the three dots (more options), and then select “Copy Link.”

Step3: Open Insaver

Open the Insaver app on your device

Step4: Paste the URL

Insaver will automatically detect the pasted link. If it does not proceed, then paste the Instagram video link into the provided space within the app.

Step5: Download the Video

Insaver will automatically process it, when you have pasted the Video URL. Further, You will likely have options to choose the quality of video, also including HD.

If you want better results then Select the HD option and proceed to download the video.

Features of Insaver

There are following amazing features of insaver;

  • After downloading the video , Insaver will save the insta video within its interface or saves it directly to your Android’s gallery, making it easily accessible while being offline.
  • This App offers sharing and reposting functionalities and allows you to share the downloaded video to other platforms or repost it on your own Instagram feed or story, which gives proper credit to the original creator.
  • Insaver frequently updates its most features to improve user’s experience.
    Its simple interface makes the video downloading process very easy, catering to both tech-savvy users and beginners.
  • Like other apps, Insaver have also communities or support systems where users can provide their feedback, report issues, or suggest improvements for insaver app, for a better user experience overall.
    Typically, Insaver provides different resolution options, including HD features.Note:
  • While downloading videos from Instagram or any platform, always check copyright laws and the content creator’s rights. You should download videos for only personal use and try to avoid unauthorized distribution.

SaveFrom Instagram Video Downloader

SaveFrom is also one of the amazing tool that allows users to download HD videos from Instagram and many other platforms. So its an Instagram video downloader”

However, before downloading any content it is necessary, to check legal guidelines and respecting content creators’ rights.

How to Download Instagram videos from Savefrom?

Just follow the given steps and download your content very easily;

  • If you prefer using SaveFrom as a browser extension, then you will have to search for “SaveFrom” on your browser’s extension or add-on store. So first step is to Install it in your browser.
  • Next Open your web browser and go to your Instagram’s website.Then Locate the video you want to download. Open your preferred Video in a new tab.
  • Copy the Link of the video from browser’s address bar
  • Then open SaveFrom extension or website and paste the copied Instagram video URL into the provided space or Link bar on the SaveFrom website.
  • SaveFrom will process the link automatically, when you will have pasted the URL.
  • Same as other Instagram video downloader, You will likely have options to select the video quality.
  • You can choose the HD option and proceed to download the video to your device
    Once the download process completes, your video should be available in your device’s downloads folder or the location you would have selected for saving downloads.

Snapinsta Instagram Video Downloader

Snapinsta is also an Instagram video downloader, to download Videos, Images, Reels and Stories from Instagram”

Features of Snapinsta. App

There are many amazing features of Snapinsta. Some of them are given below;

  • Snapinsta allows you to download your own content and many other videos from Instagram.
  • Snapinsta is also an Instagram Photo Downloader so it allows you to save any photo or collage from Instagram very easily. With the help of Snapinsta, you can download a single post image and multiple Instagram photos.
  • Snapinsta is also an Instagram Reels Downloader so it will help you to download Reels videos from Instagram posts to your device, whenever Instagram does not support you for this.
  • Instagram stories are also unique way for anyone to share their everyday life with photos and videos with their friends and public. If you want to archive a story that you like, Snapinsta helps people to download Instagram stories and watch them online.
  • This Instagram video downloader is Fast, easy and safe for Users
  • There is also no need to login to your Instagram account
  • The fastest downloading speed is one of the amazing features of Snapinsta
  • You can get your content in original Resolution and qualitySnapInsta is actually a brand new online tool and Instagram video downloader. You can enable this tool on all devices such as
  • Android

  • iOS

  • Mac

  • Windows

  • Linux, etc

Sssinstagram Instagram Video Downloader

Sssinstagram is also an Instagram video downloader, to download high-quality photos, videos, Stories, Reels, and album posts without limits, with multiple mixed-media files with one-click only.”

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer the features to save people’s photos, stories, or videos. The solution for this problem, is to save Instagram photos, videos, stories and keep them on the phone or PC, by our Instagram video downloader called Sssinstagram

Amazing Features of Sssinstagram

Like other tools this Instagram video downloader, has also same features mentioned below;

  • Don’t worry! about downloading Instagram photos from Instagram. With just one click, you can get the best image quality as the original photo and there is no need for resizing.
  • Be Happy! Now it is easy to download videos from Instagram. You have to just insert the link and click the “Download” button. Our revolutionary service will save your favorite IG videos with the best quality.
  • Now there is no need to miss out your favorite Instagram stories. Sssinstagram is the perfect solution to save, watch, and reuse stories, even after their 24 hours limit. Download your favorite stories in just a few seconds
  • So be ready to take control of your Instagram stories and make sure you never miss another one after installing sssInstagram
  • It also provides the facility to download Carousel posts from Instagram with just one click. So Don’t wait to save those must-have posts for offline, just use this expert tool, online downloader takes care of it only for your ease.
  • WAITING FOR WHAT! Try it NOW, and never worry about missing a carousel post again!

Indown Instagram Video Downloader

Indown is also one of the best tools, to download videos from various online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.”

This Tool simplifies the process of saving videos also from Instagram for offline viewing.

Features of Indown

This video downloader has following amazing features;

  • Indown possess a user-friendly and very simple interface
  • Its simplicity allows for quick video downloads with just a few clicks
  • This Video downloader is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems such as;
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS, providing accessibility to a wide range of users.

It has flexible features such as video formats, enabling users to download videos in their preferred format;

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • MKV
  • Indown provides high-quality downloads, ensuring an excellent result experience without compromising on quality
  • With the capability of batch downloading, users can save multiple videos simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  • Indown also offers a browser extension, which allows the users to download videos directly in their device’s gallery while browsing online platforms
  • This tool regularly updates to new features and address any potential issues, increasing the overall user experience.


Before downloading any video or photo or any content from Indown Instagram Video Downloader, always check privacy and security, for safe downloads without compromising any sensitive information.

IGram Instagram Video Downloader

iGram is also one of the amazing tool that allows you to download videos, photos, Reels, and IGTV from Instagram.”

Features OF IGram

There are following amazing features of igram given below;

  • Reels on Instagram, mimics the concept of Videos on the platform of TikTok. Using iGram you can download Instagram Reels
  • This tool also allows you to download videos from Instagram
    IGTV videos can also be download using iGram. As these videos are lengthy so you can watch them in free time.
  • This will assure you that you can watch the downloaded videos later without an internet or worrying about the video being deleted
  • With the help of IGram you can also download any image from Instagram, that you want, even if you don’t see a download option on post
  • This is also a Carousel posts downloader from Instagram

How to download videos and photos from Instagram on PC?

  • To download Video or a photo on PC, just copy the link of content you want to download
  • Paste URL into the input box at the top
  • Press the Download button and you will get your video.
  • Also read instructions for using IGDownloader.

How to download photos and videos from Instagram to iPhone (IOS)?

  • To download Video or a photo on iPhone, you need to use Safari browser on iOS 13 or download Documents by Readdle app
  • Then go to IGDownloader app
  • And Paste Your link
  • Click Download Button

How to download photos and videos from Instagram to Android?

  • First copy the link of video or photo
  • Then open IGDownloader app
  • And Paste the copied URL into the Link box
  • Finally click Download Button and enjoy your content.

Where will my videos and photos be saved after being downloaded?

  • There is always a “Downloads” folder for every browser, where downloaded files are stored.
  • Your downloaded content will be in this folder.
  • If you can’t find, then look up in your browser’s download history